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La Rete Enterprese European Network informa che un”autorità pubblica regionale francese sta cercando un operatore di trasporti pubblico (o che si occupi di sicurezza dei trasporti), interessato a partecipare ad un progetto di Precommercial Public Procurement già finanziato attraverso un bando Horizon 2020.
La scadenza per rispondere è il 30 giugno. Qui di seguito la descrizione dettagliata in inglese e il link alla scheda pubblica.

Regional authority looks for public buyers to join a H2020 funded project on innovative and advanced systems to support security in transport (H2020 SU-GM02-2020).

Ref: RDFR20200602001


Regional authority looks for public buyers to join a H2020 funded project on innovative and advanced systems to support security in transport (H2020 SU-GM02-2020).

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A French Regional authority leading a granted H2020 project under security topic is looking for transport operators or authorities or transport security operators or authorities with the capacity to act as a public buyer. This Public Procurement Project (PCP) will enable european public buyers to launch purchases of innovative technologies or  advanced systems to support security in public transport. Partners sought will sign a research agreement to enter into the consortium as a full partner.

A French regional authority leads a H2020 PCP (pre commercial procurement) project named PREVENT. This project consists in purchases of innovative, advanced systems to support security in public transport.

The project focuses on pre-empting attacks in public transport by enabling earlier detection of threats, tracking individuals or situations and coordinating the best response with the relevant stakeholders. Funded by the European Commission, PREVENT project relies on the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) approach. Such project allows to public buyers to share the risks and expertise with their procurement counterparts representing together the Public Buyers Group (PBG). This partner search aims to open this PBG to new public buyers. Expressions of interest are open until 30th june, and new partners will join the contract the 27th august at the latest.

Promoted, supported and co-financed by the European Commission, this procurement process ensures the development of cutting-edge technologies that are tailored to buyers’ needs.

So far, a user-observatory group has been formed from a community of stakeholders made up of public transport operators, public transport authorities, security organisations and law enforcement representatives. By collecting and exchanging needs, expectations and feedback, the aim is to learn about cutting-edge knowledge on security and technologies in cooperation with public authorities. Together, the group has identified and defined a common challenge which is enhancing security situational awareness through:

– timely automatic detection of unattended items in public transport infrastructure and, in public areas in the vicinity
– identification and tracking of perpetrators, and
– advanced crisis management system.

PREVENT partners are now developing the next phase to launch the actual PCP. The EC funding will allow PREVENT public buyers to go one step beyond and to test in-situ innovative technologies answering to the challenge detailed above (detection and management of dangerous of unattended items).

New organisations and authorities sought for the project will join the group of public buyers (PBG) that will procure technologies bridging the gap between offer and demand.

Advantages and Innovations
90% of the cost of the whole PCP will be funded by the European Commission. Thus, with PREVENT, expected financial investment from buyers is limited. PREVENT also allows to share the risks and expertise with procurement counterparts representing together the Public Buyers Group. During each phase, technical, financial and administrative requirements are the prime subject of suppliers. Once the new product has been developed, tested and approved, suppliers will make the product available for purchase. Healthy inter-supplier competition is ensured via the evaluation process after each stage. Least reliable security solution approaches are eliminated by the PBG in which the partner sought will be an official member.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
The partner sought should be in concerned or in charge of security in the public transport market, and should be able to act as a public buyer.

Stage of Development
Project already started

Comments Regarding Stage of Development
The project is already granted under H2020 program and starts a new phase of public buyers recruitment for the next stage.

Comments Regarding IPR Status
Partners sought (Associated public buyers and institutions) will have a specific access to the developed solutions : Royalty-free and IPR conditions defined during the PCP development stage. It will allow public buyers to reap the financial benefits.


Technology Keywords
02008004 Railway Transport
02009022 Security systems
02010003 System and transportation

Market Keywords
09001006 Airfield and other transportation services
09001007 Other transportation

Partner Sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought
Partners sought will take part to the Public Buyers Group (PBG) to contribute to the PCP process. As the main goal of the project is to launch the R&D of a custom-built security technology, institutions and buyers sought (with the support of PBG) should demonstrate technical, financial and administrative knowledge according to their concrete requirements.
Partners joining the project will be considered as a ‘full partner’, with project costs covered by the grant.

Type and Size of Partner Sought
>500 MNE

Type of Partnership Considered
Research cooperation agreement


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